Anal Sex

by Horny HOT on August 7, 2009

Anal sex can either be a hit or a miss for most women. I know that for me it was more of a miss, but that didn’t stop me from still making an effort to discover the joys in anal sex that some women had managed to encounter. Unfortunately, though, I came short of my anal discovery and have shied away from ever doing it, but might still be willing to give it another go.


Looking back at my anal encounters (I wonder if there’s a porn with that name), I realized that the reason for my dissatisfaction was the way my partners and I had gone about it. I have had anal sex with four different partners, and although they were all different in their sexual techniques, when it came to anal sex they all, with the exception of one, went about it the same way. First, they didn’t ask if we could have anal sex, they just started to slip it in until I stopped them and told them that they were about to go into the wrong hole. They would then stop and, after a short pause, ask if I would let them try to put in my anus. Starting things off in this manner definitely foreshadowed the negative experiences I have had with anal sex.

Aside from first asking if I would be ok with anal sex, one thing that would have probably helped make these encounters a little more pleasurable would have been starting off with a bit of anal foreplay. Probably massaging the anus to loosen it up, and slipping in a finger or two, would have allowed for more loose sphincter muscles, as opposed to just easing the penis in, which tends to be quite a bit bigger than a finger. Another thing that would have made the experience more satisfying would have been to incorporate the use of a small anal toy to get the body used to having something inside the anus, which I intend on buying in order to give anal sex yet another chance.

Other things that men need to understand when engaging in anal sex with a woman is that we women don’t have prostrates, which is why it’s not always pleasurable. For some women the pleasure comes in how different of a sensation it is, for others it’s the position in which she is receiving anal that allows for her G-spot to be stimulated. One tip that I would give to men, aside from making sure that there is PLENTY of lube handy and to never go back into a girl’s vagina after inserting the penis in the anus, is to make sure that they are simultaneously stimulating their female partner’s clitoris while penetrating the anus (men on men action could probably use an extra tug for the bottom but I’m sure that the penis hitting the prostate is more than enough). The times that I engaged in anal sex there was no clitoral stimulation, and definitely not enough lube, which is another added reason to not enjoying it. Knowing what I do, and learning from my past experiences and mistakes, I feel that I might be ready to give anal sex another go, and I have high hopes for enjoying it. Who knows, I might even write about it. In the meantime, I’ll tell you of my best anal sex experience that I have little recollection of… but not until next week’s post. 😉

Until next time, stay excited!


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