How Can You Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

by Horny HOT on August 1, 2009

Still in Love With Your Ex Girlfriend?

Are you fresh out of a relationship and are looking to date again? Or are you simply reminiscing of an old girlfriend that got away? Whatever your reason may be, there are countless surefire ways to get your ex girlfriend back in no time!

When first trying trying to seduce your ex girlfriend, it is important to remember why exactly you two broke up. Be honest with yourself, and evaluate the situation. It may even be beneficial to talk to friends and figure out what went wrong. It is crucial that you are aware of who broke up with who. If you broke up with her, it may be easier to get back together. If this is the case, you can try by making amends and working things over as if nothing had ever gotten between you two.

If she broke up with you, then you may have to try harder to win her back. Also, try to remember the terms of the breakup. Was it dramatic and stressful? Or was the breakup mutual and temporary? this very important that you have a clear head when going over this, as it will lead into your further plan of action.

Now that you understand what went wrong, it is time to make contact. The best way would be by using mutual friends to set a meeting up. If you have any close friends that know her or if you keep in contact with her circle, you may wish to start something up. Tell them that you wouldn’t mind seeing her again, but do not come across as needy. If you come across as sad and needy she will most likely be turned off. It is best to play it cool and act natural.

Now that you two are able to meet again, it is now time to get the ball rolling. Most likely, your first reunion will be in the company of friends and colleagues. Talk to her now and again, and towards the end of the evening offer up a coffee date. This is a simple and friendly gesture that will show slight interest without coming on too strong. Tell her that it was good to see her and then leave.

Now you are finally at your first post breakup date. Start by just catching up, find out what is new in both of your lives. If you get a chance, make a joke about the past. But make sure not to dwell on it. Dwelling on the past comes across as pitiful and makes one seem as though nothing important has happened since. Make slight remarks to ignite emotions, and then leave it at that.

Approach Your Ex Girlfriend Smartly

If all goes well during the coffee date, set up a dinner for some time in the future. Get her number again and tell her you will call. Or if the relation seems very strong, make the date right there. Plan a nice dinner date somewhere you have never gone before. Do not try to repeat any date that you two have already been on.

This will come across as forced and awkward, so it is best to try something new. Maybe try something out of both of your comfort zones. An exotic new restaurant or even skydiving would ignite excitement into your newly rekindled relationship. Whatever you two end up doing, it should have an element of fun and sincerity. You must remind her why you two dated in the first place, all while creating a new environment for the future.

After all of this, you will most likely remember what it was that brought you two together way back when. By following these steps, you will be able to naturally date your once ex girlfriend in no time!

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