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by Horny HOT on August 1, 2009

Are Polygamists Generous?

Joe Darger, a fundamentalist Mormon who has three wives, has said that he is heartbroken over his sons decision to join a mainstream Mormon church which does not allow for polygamy.

This begs the questions, are those who are polygamists generous with their love or simply greedy?
Hella Walkington is a sex and relationship expert and believes that there is no straight answer to this question.

She says, “This is a fascinating subject and the answer to the question quite simply is both. People who are polygamous can be both greedy and generous with their love – but a lot depends on their reaction of their partners.”

To look into this properly it’s important that we understand the difference between polyamorous and polygamous.

Hella explains, “A person who is polygamous has sex with more than one person. A person who is polyamorous loves more than one person. There is a key difference as polygamy does not always have to involve love.”

To question whether someone is being greedy or generous means you must question how the relationship works and what agreements are in place between the participants.

Hella says, “What is everyone involved in these relationships getting out of it? Clearly you are being greedy if your partners are not happy with you seeing other people.

“But if you are in a relationship and you find yourself falling for another person, it is perfectly possible to love them both.”

The important part is to discuss it. Hella says, “Clearly it can create difficulties if both partners find out what is happening and aren’t happy about sharing.”

Discussing who you’re seeing at what time can diffuse any confusion but it’s also good to keep in mind that just because you may find it acceptable to be polygamous, other’s may not be so accepting.

In a Female First poll, only 31 per cent of people agreed with polygamy and saw it as an acceptable way to be generous with your love.

The remaining 69 per cent felt that your love should be exclusively for one person at a time, and so don’t agree with polygamy.

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