Not all Rabbits are created equal

by Horny HOT on August 7, 2009

*Due to personal reasons, which I posted about yesterday, I was not able to review a toy for this week’s blog post. Instead, I asked a friend to lend a hand and write a review of her own. She would like to keep her contribution to this blog anonymous, so I’m posting this for her. Enjoy!*






My First Vibrator


I have never owned a vibrator before, mainly because I never knew what I should purchase. There is such a variety of sizes, shapes, functions, etc. that make it hard for a woman to choose. I ended up going to one of those adult toy parties and that’s when my eyes were opened to vibrators that I wanted to try. My friends told me that the orgasm you reach from a toy is awesome, which convinced me to join in on the fun. My first toy was a small bullet type vibrator, which did the job but not well. I wanted to have a vibrator that was more like a real man, so I ventured out and purchased the “16 Function Super Rabbit Vibrator”. Boy was I in for a surprise!


I purchased the vibrator online so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the box and realized that this toy that I purchased was HUGE. All I kept thinking about was how the online pictures did this toy little justice; it was a bit intimidating. I immediately started playing with the settings which in turn got me really anxious and excited to try it out. I was sure that with 16 different settings I should be able to experience the please my friends told me about. The first time I used it, my friend was in control we enjoyed trying out all of the different settings. I was able to climax fairly easily with this toy, but it wasn’t to the level of greatness my friends boasted about. Maybe I was just missing something.


This particular vibrator is made of a soft jelly material and the shaft measures 7” long and 1.5” thick. The shaft contains spinning beads and a rabbit with long ears that vibrates. For me, there were many cons to this vibrator. I felt that this vibrator was too large and bulky which made it hard for me to control it. Due to its length, I was barely able to reach the buttons to change the settings. The length of the actual shaft was okay when my boyfriend is using it on me, but other than that, it is too long for personal use. The spinning beads are supposed to be for added pleasure, but if you ask me it is like you are mixing cookie batter. They are so noisy it is too distracting to use these settings. The rabbit feature that stimulates the clitoris was just too long. I had to cut them and melt them to smooth them over. I cut them because the damn ears were pinching the crap out of my clit. There are a few pros to the vibrator, I can climax easily using only the rabbit vibrating feature and I like the length of it. The vibrator is waterproof so you can use it in the bath and shower, but I have yet to try it out.


Unfortunately, I would not purchase this toy again or recommend it to anyone. It is too large, bulky, and the rabbit ears are too long and I had to modify them.



NOTE: As you can see, not all rabbits are created equal. A side by side comparison of the I-Vibe by Doc Johnson and this vibrator shows that the ear length definitely does vary, which is probably what added to the contributor’s discomfort, so this toy gets a DilDon’t. Also, what pleases one woman doesn’t always please another, so please keep that in mind when reading reviews. 

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