All About Sex Positions

by Horny HOT on August 7, 2009

When it comes to sex, we operate under the motto “go big or go home.” Here’s how to take your sex moves from “oh” to “oooh.”

Whether you’re a sexpert or a beginner, like it mild or wild — we’re betting you’ll learn a thing or two. Best sex positions?

Frankly, the missionary sex position is one of the good sex positions but it least likely to bring a woman to climax. But there is a subtle adjustment you can make that can increase your chances of having an orgasm: the coital alignment technique, or CAT. Have your partner move his entire body up about two inches. Your partner’s pubic bone will rest on top of yours so that the base of his penis presses on your clitoris. This position provides continuous stimulation of your clitoris during intercourse, increasing your chances of having an orgasm.

The New Woman-on-Top. This is typically the best sex position for a woman to reach orgasm because she can control the angle and speed of penetration. But the odds of her getting there can definitely be improved. By tinkering just a bit with your favorite sex positions, you can turn intercourse into a never-fail orgasm generator for both of you — without either of you using your hands.

Why not try standing up? Almost nothing makes you feel as overwhelmed by lust as a quickie against a wall. You know, try some fun sex positions!

Men are aroused by visual stimuli, so a nonverbal come-on can make him hungry. Toy with him by bending slowly to pick up something in a short skirt or blow-drying your hair in jeans and a bra. Act like you don’t know he’s watching — it’ll arouse the hell out of him.

Morning sex is hot. Challenge yourselves to have sex every day for a month. More frequent encounters rev your libido, culminating in a big domin-O effect with each session.

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