What to Talk About with a Girl

by Horny HOT on August 4, 2009

Ever wondered what to talk about with a girl after you start a conversation? Here’s the Super Fella’s guide to having a conversation with a girl.

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The first five tips on how to talk to a girl in the introduction should help you strike a conversation with a girl and impress her too.
But that’s not it. To really impress a girl, you need to know what to talk about with a girl.
What to talk about with a girl
While talking to a girl for the first time can be tricky, knowing what to talk about with a girl can be the deal maker or breaker.
Anyone can start a conversation using the tips in the introduction, but what next? That’s when you have to reveal your true colors and woo her with your own charm.
If you really want to make her like you on your very first conversation, use these tips on what to talk about with a girl.
#6 After the introduction
Starting a conversation is actually simpler than continuing the conversation. After all, you don’t have a clue what she likes or doesn’t like. So this is where you have to play safe. If you’re wondering what to talk about with her, then go with the obvious. If you’re having some difficulty coming up with conversation lines, use these six conversation starters.
You really don’t have to constantly bombard her with questions just to avoid any blank spaces in the conversation. Relax and feel comfortable. When you’re nervous, it shows. And that would only make her feel uneasy to be around you.
#7 Don’t put her in a spot
Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away in a conversation. Don’t do that. If you’re wondering what to talk about with a girl, keep it simple and follow the links I’ve given above. One thing you should remember is never to put the girl in a spot. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable or nervous with your questions.
Don’t ask her stupid questions like “you were staring back at me too, right?” “You look good in this dress, where did you pick it up?” and a lot more along those lines. They’re awkward and really dumb. Avoid looking down her shirt or staring at her below her neck. Indulging in any of these activities will only make her feel uncomfortable and awkward. And when that happens, she’d only want to walk away from you.
#8 Be warm and likeable
A lot of guys get very excited when a girl reciprocates their moves and starts a conversation with them. Just because a girl wants to talk back to you doesn’t mean she’s easy to get. You still have to respect her and treat her like a lady. Have a conversation with her just like you would with a girl you were introduced to. Don’t smart talk or talk dirty. Well, unless she wants to!
#9 Smile often and flirt
If you really want to know what to talk about with a girl, remember the one thing that matters more than anything else. Her comfort. As long as she’s comfortable and happy, she’d be happy to talk to you and spend time with you. So more than the words you choose, focus on how you can make her feel comfortable around you.
One of the best ways to ease a girl and make her want to be with you is through humor. You really don’t have to learn a few one-liners and jokes for this. You just need to be a happy guy. A guy who smiles and has a great laugh makes for great company.
#10 Don’t talk forever
In most cases, you’d meet a great girl at a meeting or a conference, or at other times in a café or a club. Unless you both are specifically meeting up for a date, don’t try to hog the girl for the entire evening. Remember, she has her own obligations and commitments.
If you’re just going to talk on and on, there’s a good chance she’ll get quite annoyed with you and would just want to shut you up. One of the best ways to avoid this is to ask her if she has to go somewhere, and flatter her at the same time. Saying something like “I’d really love to stay here and talk with you for a while. Would that be alright with you?” Try it, you’ll see the difference.
Even if she has to go somewhere else, this line will definitely lead to more phone conversations and sweet dates!
Now that you know what to talk about with a girl and how to continue a great conversation with her, remember these tips when you come across a beauty that catches your eye.  After all, great conversations aren’t just about words!

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