Fitness for sex: Stay fit and have fun

by Horny HOT on August 7, 2009

Exercising is for all age groups

A regular exercise regimen which tones up your muscles, works out your cardiovascular system and improves flexibility of your body, will also help you keep charged for sex for many years. Many people feel that exercising is only for the young and slowly start giving up their fitness regimen when they reach middle age. It is completely untrue, exercising is meant for all ages and only the pace and type of exercise needs to be modified as you age. Being fit is for all age groups and sex is not limited only for the young. In short, remain fit to continue having an active sex life for years to come.

Physical benefits of sex

Various studies have repeatedly shown that couples who have good sexual relationships not only live twelve years longer but also look a decade younger than their real age. Exercising works as an aphrodisiac due to the release of hormones and chemical changes that happen in your body. The “feel good” hormone- endorphins are released in the brain after a workout which uplifts your mood and influences how you feel about yourself. Theseneurochemical changes can bring a sense of exhilaration and put you in a mood for lovemaking resulting in boosting your sex drive too. Exercising builds your stamina and vitality which is equally needed during sex. Higher levels of endurance acquired from exercising can prolong your sexual experience as your staying power increases. And you may have sessions of lovemaking! Kegel exercise which consists of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles can be done by both men and women which can help you experience better sex.

Obesity can hamper sex

A physically fit or toned body not only sexually arouses an individual as it is more appealing but also helps being spontaneous during the sexual act. Being overweight can hamper your movement and make it uncomfortable to experiment with different sexual positions. You can build flexibility of your body by practicing , which in turn can help you try out variety of moves on the bed. Men with a larger waistline or belly fat are at risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction and also it affects the size of the penis because shaft of the male organ gets covered due to the excess fat. Studies also show that women who exercise regularly boost their sex drive and experience orgasms quickly. Orgasms are muscle spasms or contractions and exercising builds up your core muscles which mean stronger orgasms.


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