Flirting tips – or how to pick up and get laid the easy way 1.2

by Horny HOT on August 4, 2009

On the rebound Whenever a girl that you are talking to brings up the subject of her ex-boyfriend, you’ve got to immediately change the subject every time she does… the last thing you want is for her to think you are a “shoulder to cry on”. If you learn that she had just recently gotten out of a long-term relationship it’s kind of a sticky situation… you can most likely get her to want you in terms of sex/messing around… but after a relationship that lasted that long its too soon to pressure her into a relationship, it could possibly scare her off. The best thing might be to first get her in a playful mood or at least happy (and most importantly not thinking about her ex and realizing how much fun she is having without him) then explain to her that you want her to be your girl but you don’t want to rush anything… tell her that you’ll move at her pace and if she wants you to back off a little and slow down all she has to do is say so and you will… then tell her that you don’t like playing games and if she wants to be your girl she going to have to tell you.

  • It was an accident, I swear!

Here is a good one I used a few times back in school… but it’ll require some balls on your part. What you do is bump into her in the hallway and make sure you knock her books down (if she doesn’t normally carry them then carry yours and when you bump her drop them) then when you both bend down to pick them up say something like “Wow, I’ve seen you in the hall a few times and thought you were kind of cute, but from up close your gorgeous” then tell her you want to chill with her after school and say “is there a number I can reach you at?” Make sure you ask for her number like that because it works 100 times better than “can i have your number”, and you don’t have to use that same compliment, you can use anything that you really like about her… if she is the type of girl that likes to dress impressive or look like she cares a lot about what clothes she wears (most are) then that might be the way to go… girls like that dress nice because they are hoping someone will notice and say something… you’ll make her day if you tell her that her shirt/jeans look cool and she will like you a lot more because you noticed.

  • Your the man!

Act like your the king of the world. Be rude, but not enough to offend. Make yourself appear dominant in everything that you do… even if your not good at it! Tom Cruise can’t really kick anyone’s ass, but he sure looks like he can in his flicks, right? It’s all about the illusion, people would rather see something that looks good than something that works better, master the illusion and you’ll master the girls. Let them think you’ve got money even if you don’t. Make them think you get all of the girls even if you’ve never been laid before. This is very easy to do, be creative… you can take this as far as you want to go with it!

  • Just do it… do it… DO IT!

Never ask a girl if you can kiss her! Just do it. This is one of those situations where females like to see a man that can take control and do what he wants, so show her that you’ve got the balls and just do it. If you ask her for permission in advance she’ll think that your scared to be a man, and even if she still lets you kiss her… she’ll think less of you afterward.

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