The Conversation Tips- pick up women and get laid easy

by Horny HOT on August 4, 2009

For better or worse

This ice breaker is so effective that it can work on just about any type of girl, it’s pure gold. Try this : The next time you see a really hot babe that you have never met before say this simple phrase… “Will you marry me?” 🙂 I know it sounds crazy, but if you say it with a smile on your face they will almost always think that you are joking… and in turn they will also be very flattered and think that you are cute and have a good sense on humor. Most girls have waited their entire lives to hear a man say those words to them, and by doing so (even though you are joking) you will be giving them a huge ego boost and they are sure to have a great day afterwards… and be thinking about you and what you said the entire time. After using this line make sure to try to continue the conversation and end up getting her number or setting up a date!

Fresh and new

When you are having that initial conversation with a new girl always try to keep the topics interesting by asking her questions that she is not used to getting from guys that hit on her and may have never even been asked before. By all means you should try to avoid asking her the typical questions like “Where do you live?”, “Where do you go to school or work?” or “What do you do for fun?”… these will always lead to boring conversations resulting in her thinking you are boring as well. Come up with some good unique questions to ask that will keep her on her toes and interested, a good way to do this is to think of a bunch of them while you are at home and write them down, then try to memorize some of them before you go out. Try this a few times and experiment with different questions, you will find that some work better than others but almost all of them are much more effective than those “normal” questions that I described earlier.

Bragging gets you nowhere

I’ve noticed that many men like to brag about themselves in an attempt to impress women, they think that if they tell a girl about what they own or what they have done it will increase their chances of picking her up. This kind of strategy is probably the worst way to seduce girls in my opinion, and from my personal experiences in life I’ve found that the people that do the most talking about themselves are always the most insecure of us all. Men that feel the need to prove themselves to women through words are generally the type of guys that always have a ton of detailed stories to tell about how they bang tons of babes… but you never seem to actually SEE them with one. This is because they never really do get any girls, but because of the fact that they know that you have never seen them with any girls… they feel the need to prove themselves to you as well by making up tall tales. Men that like to brag don’t get girls because girls are just not attracted to qualities in men that we TELL them that we have, they are attracted to the qualities in men that we SHOW them we have. We’ve all heard the old saying “Actions speak louder than words” and this is definitely one of the situations in which it applies. The moral of this tip is obvious : Never brag or try to make yourself seem better by talking about yourself to girls, instead show them that you are an attractive guy by letting what you do and who you are speak for you.
Here, let me give you my card 🙂
Greatest Ice breaker! Get business cards made that have “Smile if you want to sleep with me” printed on them as large as possible. Then approach a woman in a bar or club and hand her one of the cards without saying a word. Nine out of ten women won’t be able to hold back a smile, and this creates the perfect opportunity to start a conversation… because the ice has already been broken.
Watch and learn
The best thing to say to a girl you’ve never met before is something based on observation… look at her clothes, bags and other stuff you can see to get an idea of something she likes then ask her a question about it, after she gives you an answer proceed to introduce yourself. I always try to “learn” as much as possible about a girl before I approach them… it can really suck if you just go in there blind and try to use a “general” line that you can use on any girl, because every girl is different 🙂 Some people may think that it is “creepy” to do research and learn about a woman before you talk to her, but those people are always the ones who wonder why they fail 90% of the time when they try to talk to women, simply because they try to talk to her about something she is not interested in. By “research” I mean observing her for 10-20 second before approaching… not stalking her 🙂
Ok, your new name is…
When you call a girl up for the first time give her a “nikename” immediately and use it when she picks up, it doesn’t have to be a unique nickname just something that only YOU call her, like you can say “Hey sugar” or “What’s goin on beautiful”. Always do this with new girls because once they get used to you saying it they will get attached to you faster. If you want to get her talking a lot and make your phone conversation last long you can first start off talking to her by using the above nickname tactic to build rapport, then proceed to something like “I was listening to the radio a little while ago and heard this song that goes like (recite the words of the chorus) and I cant figure out who it was, do you listen to (insert what type of music you think she might like)?” then she will say yes and maybe tell you who the singer is but that don’t matter… disregard what she says and proceed to ask her who her favorite artists are and she will go off yapping… then listen to anything else she might say that can branch you off into another topic.

Talking about “the nasty”

Talking about sex with a girl is one of the easy-access “doorways” that you can use to get to the point of actually doing it. Here is a sure-fire way to get her talking about sex : Start talking about something the is not related to YOU and HER having sex (because that could scare her off)… but IS related to sex in general, like you could tell her that someone you know had a girls gone wild dvd and you thought it was funny, then ask her if she would even let someone film her doing that sort of thing… then just take it from there. Once you are talking about sex, if at any time she touches you in any way that means your making progress… because girls NEVER touch guys that they are not sexually attracted to.

Really, how bad could it be?

Don’t worry too much about WHAT you say when having a conversation with a girl. HOW you say it, and your body language are much more important. Most guys are scared that a girl will laugh at them if they say the wrong thing… but that is simply a myth promoted by fear. I’ve never once heard of that happening to anyone besides in the movies. It’s just not an issue in real life, so stop stressing over it and realize that almost any girl that you talk to will be happy and excited if you just be real with them… don’t try too hard to be Cassanova or Don Juan, just be you.

Loud mouth bastards

Don’t ever be that loud mouth bastard that’s screaming “Let me see some titties!” at the top of his lungs… or hanging out of the passenger window like “Woooo, girl you got a fatty!”. These are the type of guys that girls find funny and entertaining… but funny and entertaining does NOT make it to the bedroom. Don’t smack girls on the ass in public, or grope them in any way the could embarass them… because once you make them feel uncomfortable around you in PUBLIC, how are they ever going to be comfortable around you ALONE? Think about it.

Something to calm those nerves

If you seem to be very laid back and “smooth” around women that you are not attracted to… but nervous as hell around hot women, try this strategy to help calm those nerves. First remember that you are a confident, suave player… and you can have any woman that you persue. Next look at the particular female from a critic’s perspective… instead of focusing your attention on her good traits (and she may have many), focus your attention on her bad traits (and she may have little, but it does not matter). This works because you are now looking at this girl the same way that you look at the ones that you aren’t attracted to, which is exactly what you needed to cure that nervousness!

You’ve gotta keep your head up

If something doesn’t go your way, for example if you get rejected by a girl that you really had your eye on for a while… don’t EVER let it get you down. That will only make a bad thing worse, and some guys never recover from something like that. Always remember, you are a player, and players don’t ever walk around with their heads down. We take the loss, suck it up and move on to the next girl… because there’s more fish in the sea than any one man can catch, and with enough skill and practice your bound to catch a big one. So be patient my players, your time will come if it hasn’t already. Remember… we all have our bad days.

Use this line! Use this line!

Here is a good opener you can use: Find a woman that you are interested in and when you approach her say “I bet you have a beautiful smile”, then smile and wait for her reaction. 99% of the time she will smile back, and when she does say “I knew it” and proceed to start a conversation with her. If she does not offer a reciprocal smile, simply say “I guess not” and walk away.

You’ve got nothing to lose

The guy who gets rejected the most is the guy who will leave with the most numbers! Quit being scared or rejection and just get out there and do it. The trick is to not think about it, if you start thinking “Should I talk to her or not?” then you will talk yourself out of it. Think about it this way, if you talk to her you might have a 50% chance of being rejected and a 50% chance of success, but if you don’t talk to her you have a 0% chance of success. If you don’t initiate the conversation it will most likely never take place!

Two birds with one stone

Ever get a woman’s number, and when she gave it to you it seemed like she was really into you and that everything would go according to plan, but when you call her she makes up an excuse why she does not want to come out on a date? This is because of the fact that out of sight is out of mind. For instance, when a good salesman is trying to sell you something, he will do almost anything to make the sale before you leave, because if you walk out the door he knows that he will never see you again. This works the same way, you must always get her number AND set up a date when you first meet her, in other words… you must “close the sale”. So from now on, replace the phrase “Can I get your number?” with “I’d like to take you out sometime, how about Saturday night?” and when she says ok, say “Cool, is there a number I can reach you at?”. Trust me, it works like a rubber glock… anywhere, anytime, and every time 🙂

Those girls just love anticipation

When you are going to ask a girl out, try this unique trick that will make it much easier for you to do, and the girl much more interested in you: Tell her you are going to ask her out before you actually do. For instance, say something like “I’m going to ask you out, but not right now… I’m not in the mood”. The anticipation will drive her nuts, because she has no idea when you are going to ask her out. You will be on her mind 24/7 until you eventually do ask her out, which you should do when she least expects it. You will get a yes almost every time with this technique!

Did anyone say open ended?

The opening line that you say to a woman when you first make your approach is extremely important, and by now you should know that pick up lines are no good. Try these opening lines that are very effective: “Why are you in such a good mood?” or “Why do you look so down?”. Use the proper one based on your observations, and you will be very happy with the results. These lines will usually get her talking, because they demand more than a simple yes or no.

You can read this… but can you read those?

Ever have problems talking to girls in nightclubs just because of the simple fact that you can’t hear them very well? If so, I’ve got a simple method to get around this, and that is to improve your lip reading skills. It sounds harder than it actually is, all you need to do is watch some tv! Next time you are watching some tv shows (familiar shows like Friends or Sienfeld seem to work well) put your tv on mute and try to fingure out what they are talking about. If you do this one time each week for 1-2 hours you will be able to read lips extremely well, this skill requires minimal practice to learn!

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