Sex Guide – Atmosphere

by Horny HOT on August 7, 2009


It is argued by many that ambience plays just as big a part in a love making experience as any other aspect of sex and yet it is often completely overlooked.

The key to creating the right atmosphere is to think about the five senses and try to create an atmosphere that appeals to all of them. Now, obviously if you just fancy a ‘quickie’ in the back of a Ford Cortina then you’re unlikely to care about stimulating the senses but if you do care about the atmosphere in which you’re having sex then read on for some great ideas…

Beginning with touch, it is important to make sure that the environment in which you are making love is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Think about the basics such as bed linen and then use your imagination a little and explore the use of sex toys or touchy-feely stuff like feathers. Also, remember that food such as whipped cream or chocolate sauce can be a very tasty addition to the experience. Finally, if your partner is willing and their pain threshold is pretty high, then take their senses to the extreme using ice or hot candle wax (be very careful).

To appeal to your partner’s sense of smell, try burning some scented candles. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard and stink the place out or burn it down; you don’t want the flames of passion to be interrupted by a fireman’s hose. If candles aren’t your thing then try flowers instead; they’re more subtle but they will help make any room smell nice. Finally, don’t forget to make sure that you are smelling your best – try sharing a shower with your partner before making love or just keep it simple and use some deodorant.

Now then, taste – the hardest of the five senses to affect when it comes to making love but while we’re on the subject did you know that you can actually change the taste of semen? Well, you can; the trick is to change what you eat and drink before making love. As a general rule, bland foods like pasta and potatoes improve the taste of sperm whereas curry, beer and coffee produce the worst taste. Obviously taste needn’t just be about bodily fluids; you can also introduce food and drink into a lovemaking experience. It’s unlikely that a cheese and pickle sandwich will do much to turn your partner on but edible underwear or chocolate flavoured body paint may do the trick.

The one sense that everyone is well aware of is sight. Whether it be the sexy underwear, candle light or body image, everyone is very aware of the visual aspect of sex. But, how many of you consider changing the actual place in which you have sex? Well, for a great psychological kick, try changing your location. Try a ’69er’ in the car, ‘doggy style’ on your way home from a night out or try the ‘wheelbarrow’ in the garden (just be careful to avoid the roses!). Alternatively, give the idea some thought and you’ll soon realise that there’s a world of opportunity outside your bedroom.

The final sense is that of hearing and the obvious way to appeal to this sense is through music. Whether it be the ‘walrus of soul’ Mr Barry White or the artist formerly known as Prince, almost everyone has a favourite artist that will ‘get them in the mood’. The key is to find out what does it for your partner. When your pretty sure you’ve made the right choice (avoid hard house and heavy metal) put the CD, tape or whatever on loop (you don’t want to stop mid session to restart the music). If you don’t like music then try talking ‘dirty’ instead or perhaps even use video pornography if that works for you.

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