Sex Guide – Fore play

by Horny HOT on August 7, 2009


Preparation is key, so be prepared. That’s a good lesson for life in general and a vital lesson for sex.

Great sex isn’t just penetration – the build-up is a very important part. In fact most women can’t reach orgasm without it. Foreplay makes the whole thing last much longer and, to be frank, is really rather good.

If just the thought of sex is enough to get you raring, slow down a bit – your partner may want to take a little more time. Women generally take longer to become sexually aroused than men; the fire needs to be stoked. Try and keep foreplay going until you both just can’t wait for penetration.

Foreplay will increase the chances of orgasm for women and will produce a more intense one for men – so there’s no reason not to do it really, is there? Those erogenous zones are there for a reason – make the most of them.

There are erogenous zones all over the body, not just in the genitals. Breasts, nipples, the neck, everywhere. Try kissing nibbling, rubbing and stroking your partner all over their body to find the places they like it best. Make sure the setting’s right, atmosphere counts for a lot.

The build-up to sex can start hours before you actually get down to it. Call your partner up on the phone at work and start flirting (make sure you get the right number or the results could be disastrous. Then again… no, don’t go there), by the end of the day you’ll both be dying to leave work. Try a massage when you get home and build up to masturbation and other forms of stimulation.

The main thing is not to leave it out. There’s a lot to be said for the ‘quickie’ and it has its place, but a long, lingering session is far more pleasurable.

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