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by Horny HOT on August 7, 2009


Love ’em or hate ’em they are a very good idea. Of course we would say that wouldn’t we, but it’s true all the same. With new technology and thinner, more sensitive condoms you would hardly know you were wearing one; they can even put a bit of spice into your sex life and remember that a little protection can go a long way.

They’ve been around for a while – but not as long as we’ve needed them – their earliest use seems to have been in ancient Egypt. The earliest signs of European condom use date from cave paintings in France and some historians claim that the Romans made them from the muscle tissue of warriors they had defeated in battle.

Don’t let that put you off! They are now an essential part of modern-day living and protect from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies – they can even enhance love-making.

So here’s how you put one on: first and foremost, make sure the penis is erect and also make sure you put it on before you get down to it rather then halfway through as fluids released from the penis during the early stages of an erection can contain sperm and organisms that can cause sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Check out the Clinic section of the main site for more information.

Before unrolling it, squeeze the teat at the end to release any trapped air and then roll it over the penis – make sure the roll is on the outside. While still squeezing the tip (of the condom – well, you never know) gently unroll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis.

Always make sure the condom stays in place during sex – if it rolls up, unroll it immediately and if it comes off, withdraw immediately and put another one on. After ejaculation, make sure that the penis and condom are withdrawn while the penis is still erect, holding the condom at the base of the penis to stop it slipping off.

Don’t use the condom again and don’t flush it down the low; just wrap it in a tissue and put it in the bin.

They come in all shapes and sizes and you can use different condoms for different occasions. Durex even have an Easy On range which is shaped like the penis and is more comfortable and easier to roll on. Although another shameless plug, it’s also relevant and useful so here goes: visit the Products section of the main site to see a great range of what’s available.

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